Add Wood Cutting Boards to Your Kitchen Collection

Let a talented woodworker customize your board

A wood cutting board makes a great gift for the chef in your family or first-time homeowner. Instead of purchasing a standard board from the store, invest in a custom board that won't get lost in the kitchen.

Sam Seven Wood Works creates custom wood cutting boards made from reclaimed wood. Choose from a wide variety of shapes, colors, designs and engravings to make your gift extra special.

Do you need a personalized cutting board for your kitchen collection? Call now to discuss your design ideas.

3 reasons to cut your food on a wood board

Are you cutting your vegetables on your kitchen counter? Stop ruining its surface, and invest in a wood board. Here's why:

  • Wood boards kill bacteria
  • Wood doesn't dull your knives
  • Wood is 100% biodegradable
Preserve your wood cutting board by drying it completely after washing. You don't want excess moisture to lead to wood rot.

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